Big Ditch Big Ditch Henry 141 Fort Gaines
Boligee Canal Boligee Canal Greene 108 Boligee
Douglas Canal Douglas Canal Choctaw 262 Yantley
Florence Canal Florence Canal Lauderdale 410 Florence
Irishman Ditch Irishman Ditch Dallas 112 Blackwell Bend
Jordan Ditch Jordan Ditch Henry 322 Texasville
King Ditch King Ditch Bullock 364 Almeria
Stillman Ditch Stillman Ditch Lamar 233 Millport NW
Talley Ditch Talley Ditch Jackson 607 Eureka
The Canal The Canal Greene 92 Epes East
Threemile Ditch Threemile Ditch Dallas 95 Orrville
Whitfield Canal Extension Whitfield Canal Extension Marengo 171 Old Spring Hill
Colbert Shoals Canal (historical) Colbert Shoals Canal (historical) Colbert 410 Waterloo
Mobile - Tensaw Cut-off Channel Mobile - Tensaw Cut-off Channel Baldwin 0 Hurricane
Elk River Shoals Canal (historical) Elk River Shoals Canal (historical) Lawrence 673 Hillsboro
Alabama River Canal Alabama River Canal Elmore 197 Elmore
Muscle Shoals Canal (historical) Muscle Shoals Canal (historical) Lauderdale 505 Killen
Shoal Creek Aqueduct (historical) Shoal Creek Aqueduct (historical) Lauderdale 505 Killen
Chickasaw Creek Channel Chickasaw Creek Channel Mobile 0 Chickasaw
Mobile Channel Mobile Channel Mobile 0 Mobile
Theodore Ship Channel Theodore Ship Channel Mobile 0 Hollingers Island
Shipes Canal Shipes Canal Mobile 3 The Basin
Whitfield Canal Whitfield Canal Marengo 79 Demopolis
Pinto Reach Pinto Reach Mobile 0 Mobile
Genetta Ditch Genetta Ditch Montgomery 180 Montgomery South