Belle Lateral Belle Lateral Fairbanks North Star 1496 Livengood A-1
Campion Ditch Campion Ditch Nome (CA) 66 Taku River C-6
Chatanika Siphon Chatanika Siphon Fairbanks North Star 689 Livengood A-1
Davidson Ditch (historical) Davidson Ditch (historical) Fairbanks North Star 1260 Circle A-6
Little Saint Michael Canal Little Saint Michael Canal Nome (CA) 7 Saint Michael B-1
Middle Ditch Middle Ditch Fairbanks North Star 794 Livengood A-1
Miocene Ditch Miocene Ditch Nome (CA) 663 Nome C-1
North Star Ditch North Star Ditch Nome (CA) 659 Bendeleben C-6
Ottumwa Ditch Ottumwa Ditch Nome (CA) 407 Teller C-2
Pargon Ditch Pargon Ditch Nome (CA) 702 Bendeleben A-4
Saint Michael Canal Saint Michael Canal Nome (CA) 20 Saint Michael B-1
Seward Ditch Seward Ditch Nome (CA) 249 Nome C-1
Stuart Island Canal Stuart Island Canal Nome (CA) 7 Saint Michael C-2
Thanksgiving Ditch Thanksgiving Ditch Yukon-Koyukuk (CA) 876 Tanana A-1
Treadwell Ditch Treadwell Ditch Juneau 620 Juneau B-2
Wild Goose Pipeline Wild Goose Pipeline Nome (CA) 873 Nome D-1
Candle Ditch Candle Ditch Northwest Arctic 295 Candle D-6
Fairhaven Ditch Fairhaven Ditch Northwest Arctic 932 Bendeleben C-3
Mud Creek Ditch Mud Creek Ditch Northwest Arctic 144 Candle D-6
The Ditch The Ditch Aleutians West (CA) 410 Adak C-4
Hood Canal Hood Canal Anchorage 66 Anchorage A-8
Angun Entrance Angun Entrance North Slope 0 Demarcation Point D-3
Fillmore Inlet Fillmore Inlet Ketchikan Gateway 0 Prince Rupert D-2
Treadwell Ditch Treadwell Ditch Juneau 453 Juneau A-2